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Goodbye, Hello

In April 2023, I created a newsletter called Goodbye, Hello that I planned to send out irregularly. This proved overly ambitious (gestures broadly at everything), so I've decided to move that content to this blog, where I can more easily add content in an impromptu fashion when inspiration strikes.

Many of us know or feel that we are standing on the edge of a precipice, teetering into an uncertain future. Our communities and our planet are in crisis, and those in power are intent upon squeezing the last drops of profit they can from systems that exploit people, the planet, and all living beings.


We know that there are other paths. Paths of deep compassion, reintegration with nature, restoration of our beautiful ecosystems, and coming into right relationship with our fellow Earthlings. A new world is not only possible—people are already creating it.


This blog will become a collection of stories and lessons from the people doing this work—stories of hope, of compassion, of deconstructing oppressions, and of building new systems that prioritize well-being. These are stories of what is happening and what is possible. Some are short reads. Some require deep dives. And there might be a seasonal recipe or two.


This is simply a way for me to share these stories, uplift these voices, and put a little more love and hope out into the world.

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